Tire Locking Chocks

Tire locking chocks not only keep the camper where you want it (no rolling forward or backward at the campsite, etc), but they also act as great stabilizers.

No matter how tightly the stabilizers in our Shadow Cruiser travel trailer are held to the ground, the camper still wiggles and shakes when we walk in it. That’s not such a huge problem, but, compound it by having 4 dogs in tow and we’re bobbin’ through the night.

So, when I heard about these tire locking chocks, I decided to give them a try. These chocks work differently than the ones that are just slid under a wheel – they actually go between the double tires. When tightened slightly against each tire, they prevent the camper from moving at all. And, I mean that.

And, if you only have a single tire on each side of the camper, you can click to see the tire locking chocks for that type too.

Double tire locking chocks:

 BAL 28012 X-Chock Tire Locking ChockCheck Price BAL 28005 Deluxe Tire ChockCheck Price Ultra-Fab Products Ultra Deluxe Chock and LockCheck Price