Sewer Hose Supports

 Camco 43041 15′ Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose SupportCheck PriceOk, maybe a brand new RV owner doesn’t exactly need a sewer hose supports, but, the first time they go camping, they’ll sure thank you for the thoughtful gift.

Depending on your RV site, the sewer connection (if there is one) may not necessarily be downhill from where your black water (sewer tank) is. Therefore, when you go to drain the black water tank (the sewer water), it may not drain properly or thoroughly as the draining waste could be fighting gravity.

That’s why sewer hose supports are so nice. Just place them out under your sewer hose in accordian fashion with the tallest support near the camper and the low end right by the sewer. The gradual decline built into the sewer hose supports will allow all of the black water to drain right out, making what could have been a messy job not nearly so.