Portable Sinks

A portable sink would have save our day (week)….

We just spent a week in our travel trailer without water – you read that right – no water, hence, no sink (we did manage to flush the toilet with water from a jug so all was not lost). When we turned on the water pump in the camper, water shot out from behind the toilet and flooded the small bathroom. The only solution (after much cursing and a few Rube Goldberg tries at fixes) was to turn off the water pump.

A portable sink would have been the answers to my prayers. As it was, I had to use the hose hooked up to the water outlet at the site which was ‘ok,’ but, a portable sink would have made it much easier (and sanitary) to wash dishes, brush our teeth, etc.

The three camping sinks below could be used on a boat, in the outdoor kitchen area of an RV, or when camping in a tent. I believe these things are just brilliant.

Note: The 1st link below – The Coleman All-In-One portable sink had mixed reviews. Some reviewers though it was better than sliced bread while others ruminated on the fact that the thing was loud when in use. It is powered by a battery that some reviewers though ran out too quickly. I’d still give it a try if only for the cool gadget factor:

 Coleman All-In-One Portable SinkCheck Price Reliance Products Wash’n Go Compact 3 Gallon SinkCheck Price COLEMAN Camping Picnic 5 Gallon Water Carrier Container + Double Wash Basin SinkCheck Price