Portable Campfires

portable campfirePortable campfires have a place in every single campsite as they run on propane instead of wood so they’re totally contained and safe.

These demure propane fireplaces are so portable that they’ll work in any environment, whether it’s the beach, a campsite, a tailgating party or even on the back of a boat.

All you need to light up the night and add some heat to a cool chill are some good friends, a few bottles of wine, and one of these little portable campfires and, oh, a bottle of propane gas which runs the thing.

Even campgrounds that don’t allow open fires will allow these portable fires as they’re totally contained. In fact, they’re not much different than a gas grill.

We own the Little Red Campfire and couldn’t be happier with the thing. I’ve even been known to make s’mores over the flame. And, in the winter, when the travel trailer is put up for the season, we move the propane campfire up to the balcony on the front of our home. It’s a perfect ambiance for a chilly, fall night. You can click the link to read another article I did with more specifics about the Little Red Campfire.

Below are some of the highly rated gas fire pits on Amazon.com. And, below that are some accessories you might like to go along with your portable fire pit.

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The Little Red Campfire has an optional grill attachment where you can cook items in a skillet or a pot. Also, we prefer to move the propane tank as far as possible from the fire so we changed out the 8′ propane hose with the optional 12′. Finally, the small one gallon propane tank is very easy to tote along and extremely portable.

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