Outdoor RV Rugs

our rv rug in the outdoor living areaA good outdoor RV rug or camping mat can really define your outdoor living space when you’re enjoying your RV. Picking the right size and right material though can take some trial and error.

First off, decide where you’ll usually want your RV rug. We prefer it under the awning which gives a bit of protection from most of the elements. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t end up underneath a picnic table once in a while though.

Next, consider the size of the area you’d like to cover. We purchased an 8′ x 12′ rug and really wish we’d gotten one just a bit bigger as it’s only big enough for two camping chairs and a small outdoor table. When in doubt, bigger is better.

Our particular preference is a straw-type of outdoor rug for our RV’s outdoor living area. This type of open weave ground mat means that dirt and sand just filter right through the open weave. This is very important when one is traveling with 4 dogs like we are. These types of camping rugs are also very light and roll up nicely into a packet that can be secured with a bungee cord.

As a bonus, a lot of outdoor rugs can do double duty as beach blankets – and, anytime you can get an extra use out of something you’ve brought along, you’re winning the game.

We actually use the Parasheet blanket that you’ll see below as the floor of our portable dog gate when we’re traveling. The fabric is amazingly forgiving and can be hosed off in a flash. Drying this type of RV rug is almost as instantaneous.

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  1. These sound perfect! I always hated having an untidy area in front of a tent or RV and this would solve that little problem!

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