Infrared Temperature Guns

infrared temperature gunParticularly for those RVers who drive on hot surfaces, like those in the Southwest US in summer, preventing tire blowouts is a challenge so having an infrared temperature gun along is just plain old smart. Once a tire heats up to an unacceptable temperature, well, that’s pretty much it. And, the last thing in the world you want to be doing is sitting by a baking roadway awaiting rescue.

That’s why it’s so important to have an infrared temperature gun along for the ride on your camping adventure. Just point the gun at the tires and press the trigger. You’ll instantly get a temperature reading in celsius or fahrenheit so you’ll know when you need to give the rig a rest to cool down. Or, if one tire is reading hotter, it could be that that brake is not operating properly – time to hit the RV shop.

Some of the more expensive infrared thermometers, like the DeWalt model shown above are rechargeable and will even keep a log of the data which is a very nice feature. You’ll then be able to see the variance between a cold tire and a hot one.

Note: Some of these infrared temperature guns use AAA batteries vs 9 volt. Whichever batteries you need, just make sure that you have a spare set along.

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  1. To anyone thinking temperature guns are a mere luxury item, they are no more an extravagance than a blender or a food processor. Users are able to cook with confidence knowing that friends and family won’t become ill, refrigerators and freezers are operating at their optimum and foods are cooked perfectly every time. That they have many other uses in and around the family home is just an added benefit. Infrared thermometers are an affordable tool in their own right, but can actually save you money and they will eventually pay for themselves many times over.

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