Expandable Hose

expandable water hoseAn expandable hose for your RV is a thing of beauty! For one thing, these types of hoses take up much less space than the regular, bulky garden hoses and, as a bonus, they’re much much lighter in weight. Now, that said, reviewers note that they spring leaks much more often than regular hoses, which, I suppose, makes sense as they’re much lighter.

Our expandable hose is pictured there above. We’ve been using it all summer on our various camping trips and have not had an issue with it. Just sayin’….

Available in various sizes, expandable hoses all work the same way – just connect them to the water tap, making sure that the nozzle is in the ‘off’ position, and turn on the water tap. Like magic, the hose will expand to its full length.

Note: none of these expandable hoses should be used for drinking so don’t use them to fill up your camper’s fresh water tank.

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