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leveling blocks

Leveling Blocks

 Camco 44505 Leveling Blocks – 10 packCheck PriceFor those of us without self-leveling RV rigs, leveling blocks are our best friends. Leveling blocks do what they sound like they do – they will help level the RV on an uneven surface.

If your RV is unlevel from left to right, just build up a few of these interlocking leveling blocks into a small pyramid, and drive the low side of the camper atop it to level the camper side-to-side. Easy balancing this way!

We carry 20 leveling blocks in the front storage area of our travel trailer 30′ travel trailer. These leveling blocks come in handy, not only to help with leveling the camper from side to side, but they’re also helpful to put down for traction should your truck get stuck, say, in mud, maybe….We’ve even used a leveling block or two to level a campground picnic table.

These leveling blocks that we currently have come in sets of 4 or 10 and are self-contained in a little bag. And, yes, they actually do go right back in the bag for storage. My sage advice is to buy more than you think you might need as they’re inexpensive and indispensable when you need them.

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Curved Trailer Levelers

These are on my wishlist for the next camping season. Instead of building a little pyramid with the interlocking leveling blocks, you just slip one of these curved babies under the camper’s low side wheel and drive it up on the leveler until it’s level. This is, by far, the best way to level a camper, particularly if there’s another person to tell you when to stop. And, these are a super easy way to lift a camper if you have a flat!

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Infrared Temperature Guns

infrared temperature gunParticularly for those RVers who drive on hot surfaces, like those in the Southwest US in summer, preventing tire blowouts is a challenge so having an infrared temperature gun along is just plain old smart. Once a tire heats up to an unacceptable temperature, well, that’s pretty much it. And, the last thing in the world you want to be doing is sitting by a baking roadway awaiting rescue.

That’s why it’s so important to have an infrared temperature gun along for the ride on your camping adventure. Just point the gun at the tires and press the trigger. You’ll instantly get a temperature reading in celsius or fahrenheit so you’ll know when you need to give the rig a rest to cool down. Or, if one tire is reading hotter, it could be that that brake is not operating properly – time to hit the RV shop.

Some of the more expensive infrared thermometers, like the DeWalt model shown above are rechargeable and will even keep a log of the data which is a very nice feature. You’ll then be able to see the variance between a cold tire and a hot one.

Note: Some of these infrared temperature guns use AAA batteries vs 9 volt. Whichever batteries you need, just make sure that you have a spare set along.

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