How We Came To Be RV Owners

rv camping1Hi there! Welcome to where we hope you can benefit from our triumps (and flops). We’ve owned a Shadow Cruiser travel trailer for a year now and have been almost constantly on the go since then.

I have a funny story about how the Shadow Cruiser came to be. I was in Tucson, AZ visiting my brother, Mike, when I saw there were free hotdogs at an RV show at the fairgrounds. Now, free hotdogs? I’m IN! I had no idea how much that ‘free’ hot dog was about to cost us.

To make a long story short, within 2 short hours (and I still hadn’t gotten my free hot dog….) I’d signed my name to the owner’s spot on the Shadow Cruiser paperwork and, um, had no truck with which to pull it. So, off to the car dealer I went where my next penned signature was on the bottom of a purchase agreement for a monster Toyota Tundra full-sized pickup truck.

Buyer’s remorse immediately set it – after all, we hadn’t exactly planned for this expenditure and it wasn’t a little commitment – this was BIG!

Our first trip in the RV was from Tucson, AZ to Boyds, MD where we live. Now, that was a pretty good undertaking, provided neither of us knew beans about the workings of an RV or towing the thing. But, the Tundra did its job splendidly and we arrived safe at home just 7 days later – firmly in love with the idea of being on the road with our 2nd home. That picture above was taken July 4, 2013 at the New Orleans river front where we camped for 2 days.

Since our inaugural RV trip, we’ve explored many wonderful campgrounds within the MD area. In fact, August 2014 will find us in New Hampshire for 10 days.

So, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it. On the pages of this website, we hope you find items that will help you enjoy your RV camper as much as we love ours.

Happy travels! Lori and John